Abhinow PowerSheets Add-on brings you the power of data manipulation in Google by consolidating the individual data files of a specific file type. With this tool, you can:

  • Capture data from individual sheets, such as requirements, resources, budget, project status
  • Generate consolidated data from individual projects 
  • Generate reports by sourcing data from the consolidated data (Target File) using Google Sheets features such as Pivot tables
  • Use Google data studio to create visualizations 
  • Embed reports & visualizations with Google sites or third-party websites
  • Control data and visualizations access using Google Sheets sharing and privacy features

This APP accommodates only one type of Source file format. Future versions may expand this to multiple source files processing.

Installing “Abhinow Powersheets” add-on

To use the Add-on you must first add it to your spreadsheet

  • Create a new folder “Abhinow Powersheets” in your google drive 
  • From the menu bar choose: Add-ons -> Get Add-ons
  • Find “Abhinow PowerSheets” add-on from the add-ons gallery and select it
  • A dialog should popup requesting your permission for the add-on to access your Google data
  • Click “Accept” to install the “Abhinow Powersheets” add-on or “Cancel” to skip this installation
  • Once installed, the “Abhinow PowerSheets” submenu will appear in the Add-ons menu 

Account Creation 

  • Select “Add-ons” -> “Abhinow PowerSheets” -> “Account Management” -> “Create Account” from the menu bar
  • Provide the details requested on the “Create Your Account” window
  • Your account will be created and three files namely, Source Data, Staging Data, and Target Data will be added to your google drive
  • PowerSheets App will use these three files for data processing
  • You may rename these files as appropriate, and move them to the “Abhinow Powersheets” folder
  • Required fields should be updated in the Staging and Target Data files from the source file meant for data consolidation. The first three fields Project #, Project Name, and Source File URL should not be removed or renamed from the staging and the target files.

Important: “Powersheets” settings will be lost, if any of these spreadsheets are removed. 

Keep All “Powersheets” related files in one folder named “Abhinow Powersheets” for easy access and maintenance. 

Adding source file(s) for processing

To add individual source files for processing: 

  • Select “Add-ons” -> “Abhinow PowerSheets” -> “Source Data Files” -> “Add Source Files” from the menu bar
  • Once the dialog box opens, enter the file details such as project number, project name, file name, source file link, etc
  • Review the details and submit for data processing

Updating the Source Files

To update an individual source file details: 

  • Select “Add-ons” -> “Abhinow PowerSheets” -> “Source Data Files” -> “Edit Source Files” from the menu bar
  • Once the dialog box opens with all the available files, click on the file you wish to update 
  • The source file details will be displayed and make the changes as appropriate (project number and source file link can not be updated) 
  • On Submit, the individual file’s details will be updated

Consolidating Individual files data

For Data consolidation: 

  • Select “Add-ons” -> “Abhinow PowerSheets” -> “Data Processing” from the menu bar

Getting help

Watch this video for additional help.

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