Who are we? 

We are providing technology solutions for the past two decades to a wide variety of business needs for our global customers.

We realized, irrespective of the size, number of departments, physical locations, business processes, number of projects and financial transactions, suppliers, customers- one area that influences every business is utilizing the technology to meet business priorities at a low cost.

As technology is playing a crucial role for every business operation, and costs are skyrocketing to manage the IT employees, Suppliers, Hardware, Software development, maintenance & enhancements, 3rd party Apps, recurring subscription fees, implementation delays, government regulations….the list goes on apart from planning and executing the core business operations.

The ability to generate accurate, relevant, and timely reporting are critical for any business. Traditional static reporting methods have several shortcomings for executives to make appropriate decisions to remain competitive in the current marketplace.

To support leaders in making business decisions, extract the data from multiple sources, and auto-generate the reports in a near real-time mode. It frees up analysts to focus on other productive tasks such as identifying new data and helpful reporting needs.

As technology is mandatory to run business, we asked a few questions ourselves to manage hundreds of global projects to save our analysts time fixing the data quality issues while capturing the data from multiple sources.

Some of the questions we went through:

  • How to utilize our existing technology stack at its full capacity?
  • How to avoid 3rd party tools and save recurring monthly costs?
  • How to reduce our team’s training costs but improve their productivity?
  • How to communicate easily with our geographically distributed team members?
  • How to get our business done without worrying about many tools?
  • How to achieve team collaboration and reporting without any hassles?
  • How to achieve business transformation with minimized change management activities? 
  • How to provide reports promptly to support leadership decisions?

We saved millions of dollars towards technology solutions, change management, training, team collaboration, track tasks, resource utilization, project costs, reporting needs for team members to the executives for timely decision making while utilizing the Google security features. 

Our solution is nothing but utilizing the existing Google Suite, the powerful collaborative platform in the cloud to its fullest possible extent, with its best security features. Guess what- we achieved results within a short period, with 80% of over 1000 employees and the leadership team’s acceptance.

Now we present our solution to you, the most innovative, cost-effective, and ease of use solution, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Why PowerSheets? 

Spreadsheets are a great way to store, analyze, and report the data without the use of any other expensive database applications. 

Abhinow Powersheets add-on is a perfect data management solution to manage multiple projects/ programs/ portfolios, cross-functional global teams, costs, requirements for any business domain. Using this add-on, a user can easily extract data from multiple files of the same format, transform and load data into the target spreadsheet to generate reports

The source data changes will get refreshed into the target spreadsheet on a set interval to create reports using the existing powerful Google Suite features.

This easy to learn, no coding required add-on, that avoids spending on 3rd party tools & their license fees apart from time for implementations, IT personnel costs, user training, and replacing expensive ETL tools, databases, reporting, other 3rd party tools. 

Leveraging existing Google Spreadsheet features, Powersheets add-on will help you to:

  • Add new source data files of the same format
  • Consolidate data from all the sources files into a master file
  • Create and view custom reports, such as Pivot Tables, using google spreadsheets features
  • Create dashboards with embedded data visualizations, using google sheets and data studio features
  • Schedule reports running automatically so that your data is always current
  • Easily control who can see these data and visualizations using Google sharing and privacy features 

See the instructions to create the Add-on at the Support Page

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